Dear School Leader,We work hard not to overwhelm you with notices and alerts. We know what it’s like to receive multiple communications with little or no relevance to your daily work in Christian education.

We also know that you have heard frequently from us and many other good organizations about the dangers the Equality Act poses for all Americans to practice a natural and traditional biblical understanding of the design and purpose of human sexuality and gender.

The deceptively named Equality Act would fundamentally change American law and culture by forcing scores of millions of citizens to lay aside their values. It will require every citizen to operate as if there is no stable or fixed understanding of human sexuality. It is so extreme, it explicitly prohibits the Religious Freedom Restoration Act from being used as a defense—meaning even religious institutions will have no solid recourse for appeal.

This immoral law will be especially damaging to women and children and the most vulnerable among us.

Please take a few minutes right now to read the Equality Act Issue Brief to gather a few talking points, pray for God to intervene, and then contact your Representatives. You can also click the link to a Family Research Council Action Alert to learn more about the dangers of the Equality Act and take action to make your voice heard.

The House is scheduled to vote on this devastating bill at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, February 25. The Democrat leadership in the House has made clear that this is their main legislative priority, and we anticipate a fierce battle in the Senate.

Make your voice heard for the preservation of the most fundamental family value—that of God’s good plan creating us male and female—and pray that our nation is returned to honoring this design.

Please feel free to let our office know you took action. It is a help for us to know of your contacts as we work to represent your interests in Washington DC.

Dr. Tim Schmig & The Washington Office Staff