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21-22 Poetry & essay Info

2021-22 Poetry & Essay Winners:

Elementary Essay:

1st Place – Kendall Vangilder – Genesee Christian

2nd Place – Ashley Hanson – Bethany Christian

3rd Place – Amity Bendixen – Springfied Christian

Elementary Poetry:

1st Place – Savanna McCallister – Bethany Christian

2nd Place – Joel Bright – Calvary Baptist

3rd Place – Cyrus Dunn – Faith Baptist Davison

Jr. High Essay

1st Place – Brianna Crisan – Bethany Christian

2nd Place – Andrea Maris – Bethany Christian

3rd Place – Katelynn Barrens – Juniata Christian

Jr. High Poetry

1st Place – Andrea Pinedo – Bethany Christian

2nd Place – Katie Kuptz – Faith Baptist- Davison

3rd Place – Mark Kincer – Faith Christian-Clinton Twp.

Sr. High Essay

1st Place – Andrew Flanders – Juniata Christian

2nd Place – Caleb Owens – Skeels Christian

3rd Place – Adeline Thalhammer – Genesee Christian

Sr. High Poetry

1st Place – Peyton Laughner – Calvary Baptist

2nd Place – Isaac Osmon – Faith Baptist – Davison

3rd Place – Alyssa Cronk – Faith Christian – Lake Odessa

MACS Academic Testing for the 2021-2022 School Year (Updated 11/3/21)

Detailed Instructions for ATCP School Registration

MACS schools will be using the TestPoint Academic Testing Competition Program (ATCP) for the online testing process.

Below are a few details about the ATCP process:

1. MACS schools may order tests from Thursday, January 6 – Friday, January 14, 2022. Visit and click the Order Form link to register.

2. The MACS testing window is Monday, January 24 – Friday, February 18, 2022. Students may take tests any time during this period (under proctor supervision).

3. Proctor instructions and testing details will be emailed to the testing coordinator after the order is submitted.

4. All registration, testing, school login, administration, and billing will take place online.

5. All tiebreakers will be broken online. The first tiebreaker will be administered during each initial test. Each test has been assigned tiebreaker questions from other series. The tiebreaker questions will be graded only if the student ties for 1st – 3rd place. If additional tiebreakers are needed, the testing coordinator will be sent an email that details the instructions and name of students who need to be tested.

6. The entire process relies upon the email address that is submitted on the order form, as school codes and other login instructions will be emailed to the testing coordinator.

7. Once the testing window closes at the end of the school day on February 18, 2022, please check the email that you listed on the order form to see if any of your students need to take any additional tiebreaker tests. Once the emails are sent out, each student has three days to take the tiebreaker test.

8. While the program is designed for PCs or Macs (desktop or laptop) in a computer lab, if a school can maintain secure testing procedures, students may test with iPads or Android tablets.

The testing service is available at Please do not begin ordering until January 6, 2022.

Also, remember, do not contact TestPoint with your questions! MACS will be charged if you do this and your school will have to pay additional fees. If you have questions please contact me.

We trust that the TestPoint ATCP will enable many of your students to participate in the MACS Fine Arts competition program this year–without ever leaving your campus!

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me or call me at 810 287-3441 and I will be happy to help you!

Sue Schmig

MACS Secretary

ATCP Coordinator

Please take note of the following information about ordering additional tests after the order window has closed:

• The initial order must be placed between January 6 and 14. Whether you order 1 test or 100, the initial order must be placed during the ordering window. No school will be allowed late registration.

• Additional tests may be added to that initial order any time up until the end of the testing period, as long as those additional tests can be completed by the testing deadline.

• Using the school login code that each school receives upon placing an order, a school can log in to its school portal on the TestPoint™ site and order additional tests.

• For example, if a school orders 10 tests on January 6, that school can order additional tests any time before the testing window closes.

• Please note that no refunds will be provided for tests that were ordered but never taken.

21-22 Poetry & essay Info

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